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Coaching Skills are an essential part of Good Leadership Skills. At Coach 4 Growth, we strive to provide the essential tools for managers to use in Team Coaching. In a global economy, a company's people can be their greatest asset and taking the time to focus on employee mentoring and employee development will reap great benefits.

grow leadership skills coach4growthThroughout you will find helpful resources targeted to team coaching for people managers, leaders, sales managers and coaches. This content is not targeted to a specific industry but focuses on building good leadership skills and strong coaching skills that are transferable into any environment or organization. The fact that you are here, looking to expand your coaching skills and improve your team through performance coaching, employee mentoring, and employee development, is the first step to achieving a beneficial work environment that sees constant performance improvement and healthy employee morale.

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Coaching Skills

Coaching to Quality
Quality coaching discussions can be some of the most difficult to have. Let's explore how to approach these performance coaching sessions to achieve the behavior change you need.

Motivational Chain of Events
When your teams and employees are asked to deliver, they do not always have the motivation to accomplish the goal. Team coaching is simplified when the chain of events that they go through is understood and used to motivate them to perform. 

Investing Wisely in Coaching
Managing your coaching time and applying your coaching skills like you would your investments provides a more strategic approach to achieve a measured return on your investment.

Performance Coaching

Quality Performance Opportunity Coaching Strategy
Performance coaching is essential and having a strategy to approach team development is key. Using QPO, you can focus on coaching the right employees to achieve the greatest team performance improvement.

Coaching One on One
People need individual coaching. Do your employees get regular and consistent time with you, focused on their development? Let's look at how to leverage one on one performance coaching for individual gains.

Good Leadership Skills

Characteristics of a Leader
We all know what a leader looks like as we've seen it in other people, but do we all know why they're such great leaders? They all share certain characteristics that determine good leadership skills.

Emotional Intelligence
Do you know what your EQ is? Emotional Intelligence is a factor that sets good leaders apart from great leaders. Let's explore what this concept means and how to apply it with the people and teams you manage.