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The Role of the Key Performance Indicator in Measuring Performance and Driving Performance Results

Key performance Indicators (KPIs) play an essential role in the performance management system of an organization.  KPIs provide an objective viewpoint of your company’s performance, relative to your business goals and to any other industry benchmarks.  Leaders at all levels of the company can walk through their business and get a subjective sense for what is happening by listening to employees and seeing the business activities that are occurring, but that is not enough.  Without objective data how do managers and leaders know what levers to pull to improve results?

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Simple Project Planning: Project Plans for Non Project Managers

Creating an effective project plan is a key skill, not just for project managers, but for any leader in today’s business environment.  With industries rapidly changing, technology innovations coming daily, and the pressure to optimize businesses ever present, grasping how to create a simple project plan is a key first step in running every business. For non project managers, creating an effective project plan can be a more daunting task amid all of our other daily responsibilities but it doesn't have to be.

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