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What Component of an Effective Sales Plan should Sales Managers Spend Their Coaching Time On?

An effective sales plan is integral to successful and productive sales contacts.  How many sales managers focus their coaching time and attention on getting sales reps to plan and prepare for a sales call?  Think about it, we typically spend our time on the sales call with our reps.  We listen to calls, complete ride-alongs, or attend events with our sales reps and clients.  Sales managers spend the majority of their coaching time in the Sales Activities portion of the sales rep job and spend little to no coaching time in the Pre-Sales Activities, as described in the Sales Execution Model, planning and preparation for the sale. 

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How Sales Managers Create a Successful Sales Strategy

When we hear Sales Strategy we often think of our marketing department and their strategy to position what we are selling.  As sales reps and sales managers we don’t often think of ourselves as strategists, but we should.  Creating a successful Sales Strategy will allow sales managers and their sales team to focus on the right customers, in the right ways, and at the right times.

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The Sales Execution Model: Pre-Sales Activities, Sales Activities, and Post Sales Activities

I have heard it called Sales Execution Model, Sales Strategy Model, or just the Sales Model but whatever you call it, it’s a process, or discipline, sales reps should follow to analyze, diagnose, prepare, execute and evaluate in their territories or on their calls.  There is a flow or strategy to selling that falls into three phases:  Pre-Sales Activities, Sales Activities, and Post Sales Activities.  We will review the three phases and look at how they apply to all sales rolls.

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